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The initial issue of the specialized series BulNoso Academy.


We are pleased to offer you our attempt to collect in a tool with this format the Medical standards and some recommendations for infection prevention, so we hope to be useful to your daily practice.

BulNoso is a member of International Federation of Infection Control (IFIC)

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In 2017 the BAPIC - BulNoso joined as a member the World Federation for Hospital Sterilization Sciences, WFHSS

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Aims and Scope

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The BulNoso Bulletin "Nosocomial Infections" is a professional, peer-reviewed journal and the official scientific publication of the Bulgarian Association for Prevention and Infection Control published twice per year in Bulgarian with extended summaries in English of the original articles. The aim of the journal is to support the goals of BulNoso in providing up-to-date research and practice information on all aspects of prevention and control of healthcare associated infections for Bulgarian infection control specialists.

The Bulletin publishes papers in the following sections:

Original articles (3000 words maximum) on all aspects of nosocomial infections;especially wellcome are papers presenting original studies on the surveillance and prevention of healthcare associated infections, outbreak reports and evaluation of prevention and control interventions.

Review articles (5000 words maximum).on topics of importance or current interest for readers; they should be comprehensive and fully referenced.

Infection control specialist's forum (1500 words maximum) includes papers presenting results of recent achievements, opinions and/or observations of the infection control practitioners or teams working on the improvement in the prevention or control of healthcare associated infections in their institution.

Meet the expert (5000 words maximum) is for publishing invited lectures of internationally renowned experts in the field of infection prevention and control; a brief CV of the author is included.

Forum „BulNoso“ (1500 words maximum) presents the hospitals joining BulNoso as new corporate members of the Association.

Continuing education (3000 words maximum) and Take-Home-Message (1500 words maximum) disseminate evidence-based practice information, European and/or international standards and recommendations in a specific area of infection prevention and control.

Articles published in Nosocomial Infections may be used and reprinted without special permission; in such cases the source should be cited properly.

Notice: The authors accept their responsibility for data presented and opinions expressed. Inclusion of advertisements is not a warranty, endorsement, or approval of the product or technique advertised. The Publisher and the BulNoso disclaim any responsibility for any loss or damage resulting from the use which might be made of the information in this publication.

Copyright © 2010, Bulgarian Association for Prevention and Infection Control BulNoso.