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and Infection Control

Patient Safety
Personnel Protection


за приложение на подхода „Пакетни мерки“ при медицински грижи за пациенти на инвазивни процедури


The initial issue of the specialized series BulNoso Academy.


We are pleased to offer you our attempt to collect in a tool with this format the Medical standards and some recommendations for infection prevention, so we hope to be useful to your daily practice.

BulNoso is a member of International Federation of Infection Control (IFIC)

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In 2017 the BAPIC - BulNoso joined as a member the World Federation for Hospital Sterilization Sciences, WFHSS

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Instructions for Authors

Submissions should be sent to the Editor (E-mail: nina.gacheva@gmail.com) as follows:

- An accompanying letter stating that the authors have seen and agreed to the submitted version of the paper. All the authors accept their responsibility for the facts and opinions presented by signing the letter (email an image file of the scanned document, signed by all the authors, indicating their agreement to submission).

- A copy of the manuscript in electronic Microsoft Word format typewritten in Times New Roman, double-spaced with a margin of at least 25 mm.

For the original and review articles the following format should be observed:

Title Page*: title (10 words maximum), each auther's full name and affiliations, corresponding auther's addres and/or e-mail; manscripts that were presented as part of a meeting must include the title, location and date of the meeting; please indicate the intended category of the paper.

Summary: in English (250 words maximum), unstructured, concise and factual, providing a brief information on the aim of the study, methods used, principal results and major conclusions.

Key words: authors should select 3-5 Keywords listed in Bulgarian and in English, in parallel.

* The title, the names and affiliations of the authors, the summary and the key words should be provided in English, as well.

Text: usually divided into sections labelled with subheadings (Introduction, Methods, Results and Discussion); unstructured text is acceptable in case of short reports.

Tables: data reported should not be redundant with the text; tables must be numbered in Arabic numerals in accordance with their appearance in the text (e.g. Table 3); each table should be presented on a separate sheet and should include an adequate title; use “ - “ to denote missing data (observations or measurements).

Figures: all illustrations and figures should be sent in a separate file in the jpg format and should include appropriate legends; figures should be planned to fit the proportions of the Journal pages; all illustrations are to be numbered with Arabic numerals as Figures 1, 2, 3 etc. without abbreviation, in the order of their first mention in the text.

Acknowledgements: authors should acknowledge help received in carrying out the work reported, e.g. technical support, writing assistance, permission to study patients, etc; when the work has been supported by a grant from any source this must be indicated; provide acknowledgements in a separate section at the end of the article before the references.

References: number (in Arabic numerals) references in alphabetical order, list the titles published in Cyrillic alphabet and in Latin, consecutively; all references must be cited in the text in parentheses, e.g. [1,2,13]; follow the format of the "Uniform Requirements for Manuscripts Submitted to Biomedical Journals" (Ann Intern Med 1997;126:36-47); use journal abbreviations as listed in the Cumulated Index Medicus; for a reference list 6 authors maximum, if 7 or more, list first 3 and et al).

Bacterial Nomenclature: when first mentioned the names of organisms (scientific names according to the binomial system) should be spelt in full and written in italics. Afterwards the genus should be abbreviated to its initial letter, e.g. ‘S. aureus’ not ‘Staph. aureus’; Units: use the International System of units (SI). Abbreviations: abbreviations that are not standard (e.g. if a term appears repeatedly) should be spelled out the first time they appear in text, with abbreviation in parentheses.

Review process

All contributions in the sections „Original articles“ and „Review articles“ are read and reviewed by at least 1 reviewer and revisions to the script may thus be required. When a manuscript is returned for revision prior to final acceptance, the revised version must be submitted according to the required deadline.

On acceptance, contributions are subject to editorial amendment: The Editor retains the customary right to make changes in style and language without consultation.

Copyright © 2010, Bulgarian Association for Prevention and Infection Control BulNoso.