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за приложение на подхода „Пакетни мерки“ при медицински грижи за пациенти на инвазивни процедури


The initial issue of the specialized series BulNoso Academy.


We are pleased to offer you our attempt to collect in a tool with this format the Medical standards and some recommendations for infection prevention, so we hope to be useful to your daily practice.

BulNoso is a member of International Federation of Infection Control (IFIC)

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In 2017 the BAPIC - BulNoso joined as a member the World Federation for Hospital Sterilization Sciences, WFHSS

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About us

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

BulNoso is an association of a broad spectrum of health care professionals (doctors and nurses, medical and technical specialists) willing to work for reducing the risks of nosocomial infections in Bulgaria.

On behalf of BulNoso founders we invite you, personally or as representatives of an organization, to join the Association and become its new members. In compliance with the decision of the Board from March 1st, 2003, the BulNoso membership arrangement is based on an application form submission and payment of the admission membership fee of 10 BGN for the individual members, 100 BGN for the medical institutions and 1000 BGN for the corporate bodies – representatives of the medical industry. The annual membership fees are 10 BGN, 100 BGN and 1000 BGN, respectively.

You may fill in the required application form (pdf files in Bulgarian for individual or organization) and send it to the office of “BulNoso” at the following address: 1504, Sofia, 26 “Yanko Sakazov” Blvd., NCIPD, Reference Centre of Nosocomial Infections (attention to d-r N. Gatcheva). The respective membership fee is payable at the office or through a bank transfer to the new bank account of the Association:

IBAN: BG73UNCR76301075846587, BIC code: UNCRBGSF, UniCredit Bulbank,
holder of the account BAPKNI BULNOSO.

All rights and responsibilities of the members are specified in the Code of the Association (pdf in Bulgarian).

The BulNoso Bulletin “Nosocomial Infections” is the official scientific publication of the association.

Every autumn, in the last week of October a national forum called “Symposium on nosocomial infections and disinfection” is convened with an educational module traditionally included in the programme and participation of foreign experts and renowned specialists in prevention and control of nosocomial infections as lecturers. For this reason, BulNoso is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (CME) as a provider of CME for physicians and nurses and a maximum CME credit is awarded for participation in the Symposium.

Copyright © 2010, Bulgarian Association for Prevention and Infection Control BulNoso.